The Transmission Shop
Doogan  "human resorces and employee entertainment"
Bear  "homeland security"
Sam-I-Am in charge of just having fun.
Control tower
operating table
Surgical instrument  storage
Oxygen generator & Autoclave
Transplant Component Storage
Artie Mason's 1960 Chevy.  Just one of the vehicles in his collection.
700r4 leaving for instalation
Carl Peck's 40 Ford
Carl Peck style tire test
Dave West's Sweet 55.
Now A "55" With Overdrive.
Cousin Jay & Stingray
57 Chevy of Artie Mason.
Rat Rod
Classic Packard
Gonna buy me a Mercury
wayne's new toy
Manners Big Boy before it was Bob's.
Next Stop, Autorama...
Gary Spear's 66 Chevelle
John Kaposzta 89 Pontiac GTA  5.7 Tune Port
Gary Spear's  64  Alive and well and living in Australia.
Dave Phipps 1966 Mustang
Copilot Bear.  Cody Wyoming Dead Ahead.
Steve's 1977 Town Car
That's what I call a grille
Where the heck does all this stuff go?
John Filidoro 59 Ford
Wayne "Duke"  Marsiglio  2011 Autorama
Dave King Sport Fury
Under the hood
Dave King not enough o's in cooool.
Dick Tanner's Pro Stock 63 Nova.
50 Chevy of Artie Mason.
Denny Bunnell 1972 Chevelle SS 454
1975 Food Van.  Look Very Close
Todd Bernat 1971 Nova 383cid
Wayne Anderson's 34 Ford
Brian Hetrick's 70 Chevelle 383 With a "Rat Rod"
Ron Mifflin's 32 hiboy roadster now with a 350 "Rat Rod"
Cal Shields Bad Ass C4
Lonnie Riffle's Farm Fresh 56 Ford
Dwain Raikes 1942 dodge
1942 dodge
Auto as art
Honk Honk!
Spear Strikes Again!
Very pretty very fast...
Artie's 33 Ford
Jeff Hobson 66 Chevelle